Ricefields Community - Pawleys Island SC
Ricefields by the River - Pawleys Island SC

Ricefields Swimming Pool

The pool is closed for the winter season.
It is scheduled to reopen in April, 2019.

Ricefields Community Pool - Pawleys Island SCPool Policies

The Ricefields Pool is reserved for the enjoyment of Ricefields’ residents and their guests only. Pool Season is 2nd Saturday in April to October 1st, 9:00am - 9:00pm conditions permitting. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Linda McElroy at 235-9509.

  • For resident identification a pool tag is required, and must be presented if requested.
  • Tags are not transferable.
  • For tags, please call Linda McElroy at 235-9509. Replacement tags $5.00.
  • A resident must accompany all guests at all times.
  • In accordance with State regulations, all resident children 13 years of age or younger must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All resident children between 14 and 18 are limited to one guest.
  • No gum - No glass - No alcohol - Barbeque grills are not permitted.
  • Bathing suits required- no cutoffs.
  • No running or diving, no jumping or standing on furniture!!!!!
  • Children, not toilet trained must wear plastic pants over their diaper while in the pool.
  • Radios must not disturb others.
  • Flotation devices are permitted, provided they do not interfere with other pool users.
  • Place all trash, including Band Aids that come off in the water, in the receptacles provided and remove all personal items when leaving the pool area. Items left at the pool will be discarded!
  • Please do not move tables with umbrellas and please wipe up all spills on furniture and the pool deck to avoid staining. Paper towels are available in the restrooms.
Pool Parties
  • For reservations, call Linda McElroy at 235-9509
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate residents’ needs.
  • Weekend/Holiday parties are not permitted.
  • A $30 fee is required. Please remove all garbage!
  • Number of guests not to exceed 25 persons.
  • Barbeque grills are permitted.
  • All children’s parties ages 16 years and younger require a minimum of one adult per 10 children.

Violations of the rules may result in the loss of pool privileges.

Each resident has the responsibility to see that the pool
is operated in accordance with all State and P.O.A. policies.
If you observe any violations or safety issues, please intervene!